Best Lift Kit for Nissan Frontier for the Money

People who seek more ground clearance in their Nissan Frontiers turn to lift kits in large numbers.

Lift kits increase the truck’s ground clearance, allowing it to jump over any obstacles. Your car is built to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Frontiers often have lift kits installed to make them look better or to allow for the installation of larger wheels and tires.

As a result, there is a high level of demand, but there is an ample supply to match it.

It is therefore vital to use augmentation kits to improve the overall efficiency of a vehicle while ensuring the satisfaction of the owner.

We’ll go over the best raise kit for the Nissan Frontier, as well as the things to keep in mind when purchasing a lift kit.

Best Lift Kit for Nissan Frontier

  • Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit (fits) 2005-2020 Frontier | N3 Lifted Struts / N3 Shocks | Knuckle Suspension | 87932.

With Rough Country’s Lift Kit, you can transform your truck from a mid-size to a masterpiece! Everything you need to transform your vehicle into a monster is included in this package. A robust set of front and rear cross members maintains the vehicle’s alignment, while a tough skid plate shields it from off-road hazards. Raised one-piece cast knuckles and rear lift blocks provide enough ride height to accommodate wider tires..

N3 Nitrogen-charged Rough Country shocks are included in this kit. Featuring a 10-stage variable valve and high nitrogen pressure, these shocks are ideal for both off-road use and motorway comfort.

If you want to lift your rig on a budget, we recommend checking out Rough Country. Their ride quality has improved and they have introduced new products in the last few years, all while keeping your wallet a little bit thicker.

  • Truxxx 705060 – 3″ Lift Kit Compatible with 2005 – 2021 Nissan Frontier 2wd and 4×4 (4wd) ~ 3″ front and 1.5″ rear lift ~ all models and trim levels including Pro-4X.

There are no flimsy plastic or metal pieces in this kit; everything is solidly constructed and over-engineered for higher quality than the factory replacements. The rear leaf spring U-bolt brackets had to be drilled out and the U-bolts compressed to align with the holes even after drilling out.

It took a long time to deconstruct the front end because I had never done so before, but in the end, everything went together perfectly. I’m really happy with the quality and the way the truck now stands and looks after installation. It actually looks like a truck again! That’s fantastic!

However, I was less than thrilled with the truck’s rapid shift in handling, which made it feel like the front shocks were actually popping out to full extension with a jarring BANG when I came down off of something (like the backside of a speed bump).

After installation, I discovered that the lift kits reduce suspension travel in order to increase height, which I had no idea about before. In order to reduce the distance between the upper control arms and the shock mount “bucket,” the front spacers push the shocks/springs down.

When I heard the BANG, it was the UCA making contact with the bucket as it was descending through the cylinder. Obviously, this isn’t an issue if you drive a pavement queen, but in my situation, it was really noticeable and uncomfortable.

The best aspect is that I was able to contact TRUXXX directly and receive a response from the owner. It took over two months of back and forth communication between him and myself, during which he made sure everything was fitted correctly, suggested changes, sent me replacement components, and even offered to create bespoke parts at one point in an attempt to remedy the matter. His knowledge and expertise made him a pleasure to work with, and he didn’t give up on me until I was satisfied. The best customer service I’ve ever received, without a doubt.

My circumstance necessitated the use of aftermarket upper control arms to widen the spacing. His recommendation was based on his knowledge of the greatest products on the market, since TRUXXX does not offer its own. “Do not, under any scenario, buy a Uni Ball UCA – total JUNK,” he advised me when I inquired about a set I had discovered online. SPC is the only firm that can meet your needs.”

In the end, I ordered and replaced SPC upper control arms, which entirely fixed the issue and improved both the ride height and the quality of my car’s performance. The SPC upper control arms and a TRUXXX lift kit are a must if you want to keep your ride as near to factory as possible. As far as I can tell, no one else has complained about the same concerns as I did, so yours may be different.

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  • WULF Front Upper Control Arm Kit for 2-4″ Lift kits compatible with 2005-2016 Nissan Frontier 2WD 4X4

For the past six months, I’ve been using these on my Frontier. The next day, I took it off roading with a 2.5-inch suspension raise in the front, along with a 2-inch body lift and a bilstein b8 and 5100 suspension configuration. Lifting the back by 3 inches.

The wheel travel is noticeably improved thanks to the new UCAs. Because I’m incapable of slowing down, I receive coil bucket contact. Fortunately, the contact isn’t too unpleasant thanks to the incorporated bump stops. For a front end rebuild on a budget, this is an excellent price and quality combination.

Best lift kit for Nissan Frontier

  • Supreme Suspensions – Front Leveling Kit for 2005-2022 Nissan Frontier and 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra 2″ Front Lift Aircraft Billet Strut Spacers Kit 2WD 4WD (Silver)

This item was a perfect fit. The instructions were easy to follow, and I was able to get the lift I needed. Both sides were installed in about three hours.

  • Heavy Metal Suspensions – Fits 2005-2020 Nissan Frontier (2WD 4WD) 2″ Rear Add-a-Leaf High Strength Carbon Steel Lift Kit – Includes 4 Poly Isolator Pads.

This worked perfectly, but if somebody claims it’s simple, they’re lying… As a result of the numerous jacking up and letting down maneuvers required, this was a two-person task that was executed flawlessly.

As a result, I had to buy longer u-bolts because the OEM ones didn’t even come close to being the correct length.

I started by tightening the springs using the floor jack and C-clamps, then reattached the shackles and completed with the u-bolts. Because the new bolts’ bases were larger than the original ones, they had to be ground down in order to fit into the original hole.

Using C-clamps to connect springs was the most difficult element. The only choice was to add springs because we needed additional payload capacity, therefore lifting blocks were out of the question.

Tips on Selecting the Ideal Lift Kit for Nissan Frontier

This is a great time to check out the lift kits we recommend. Which one, if any, is best for your truck is entirely up to you. With a little tweaking, you can make the Nissan Frontier even better. We’ve come up with a short list of items to bear in mind when looking for your gear.

We’ve already touched on compatibility, but it bears repeating. Compatibility is a critical consideration when purchasing a product. This will tell you what year and configuration of vehicle the kit is compatible with.

This isn’t as much of an issue with the best Nissan Frontier lift kit. Lift kits can be installed on most models due to the vehicle’s design. You’ll need to keep an eye out for this.

Although it’s all too simple to make a mistake and forget about it, all you have to do then is return the equipment and start over.

This can be avoided by paying attention to the small print when you’re doing your comparison shopping.

Size: You’ll have a variety of lift kits to pick from, each with a distinct size option. It’s critical that you ascertain which is best for you. We’ve got a few more tips for you down below on how to select the correct lift for your truck.

Many possibilities are available, and there is no clear answer as to which is the best. It all relies on your personal situation and car requirements. It isn’t uncommon for drivers to choose for a minor raise that nevertheless makes a visible difference.

As an alternative, some people want an enormous lift kit that will make their truck stand out from the rest of the group. It’s up to you! If you’re planning on adding a larger set of wheels or tires on your car, make sure to take some measurements first.

Last but not least, we want to discuss quality. If you’re looking for the best raise kit for your vehicle, you’ll need to do some research. On our list today, you’ll find a variety of brands that we have faith in.

Customers’ reviews and other websites can offer you a good idea of the quality of a lift kit. That should give you a better idea of the overall quality before you commit. In addition, the quality of the materials used in the construction of the kit might have a significant impact on the performance.

Look for a product that will last for a long time and avoid rust damage.

Installing a lift kit at home vs. hiring a professional

When deciding on a lift kit, it’s important to think about how it will be installed. Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to hire someone to do it for you? If you’d want our opinion, we recommend hiring a professional unless you’re really sure in your own abilities and experience. Your safety could be in jeopardy if something goes wrong during the installation and no one notices.

You should always err on the side of caution and hire a trustworthy crew to install your equipment. However, if you have all the necessary tools and know-how at home, feel free to install it yourself.

If you prefer to conduct the installation yourself, we highly recommend watching a few internet video tutorials first.

If you want the installation to go smoothly, pay attention to the smallest of details. For your specific vehicle and the kit you’ve purchased, look for instructional videos on YouTube. The more videos you view, the better prepared you will be for what you’re getting yourself into. At the very least, you’ll be better prepared for the installation once you’ve done so.

What is the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X package?

With the addition of the PRO-4X off-road kit, both the new 2022 Frontier and 2021 Titan XD pickups can compete in their respective segments when it comes to maneuvering off the beaten path.

Is a 4-inch lift kit worth it?

When it comes to driving and maneuverability, a four-inch lift is preferable. When opposed to a steeper lift, driving quicker and making quick maneuvers is much easier. Allows you to fit into more places, such as parking spaces, car washes, etc., with a 4-inch lift

Do lift kits hurt your truck?

The suspension, frame, and/or body can be damaged if a lift kit is put incorrectly. That’s why you need a professional who knows what they’re doing to avoid unnecessary damage down the road.

How much does it cost to lift a Nissan Frontier?

Between $6,000 and $24,000, a conventional Nissan forklift can be purchased.

What are the components of a Nissan Frontier lift kit?

These kits may include parts such as:

  • Add-a-leafs.
  • Shackles.
  • Lift blocks.
  • Tall coil springs.
  • Torsion bars.
  • Coil spring spacers.

How high should I lift my Frontier?

A 4 or 6 inch lift kit for a Nissan Frontier is frequently enough to satisfy a customer’s requirements. Size of raise kit is determined by the diameter of tires. By elevating the tires slightly above the ground, 36-inch tires can be installed.

How do I choose the right lift kit size for my truck?

Your upgrade’s rationale will have a bearing on this. Please tell me if this is something you’re interested in. Once you’ve determined what size tires you want to put on your vehicle, you can begin researching raise kits. There are a lot of items that will tell you how many tires they can hold. For those who aren’t sure, Ultimate Rides is here to help.

How long will it take to install a lift kit at home?

Your level of expertise will have an effect on the answer you receive. If you’re a complete novice, expect to spend a long period learning the ropes.

Before you begin the installation process, it’s a good idea to watch a few internet video instructions. In addition, the amount of work required by various raise kits varies. Depending on the kit, it could take as little as an hour or as much as an afternoon to complete.

Is there any maintenance to take care of after installing a lift kit?

After installing a lift kit, it is always recommended that truck owners have their steering aligned by a professional.

Changing the suspension or height of your vehicle might have a significant or slight impact on your steering. This could lead to future safety issues if it isn’t addressed. That’s why it’s crucial to have your car inspected on a regular basis, especially after performing home repairs or modifications.

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