How to Reset Ford Transmission Control Module

Resetting the ford transmission will help you correct transmission problems and then reset it.

The powerbox of a Ford vehicle is a dual-clutch analog mechanical transmission with a manual shift mode, but newer generations of ford cars have seen technological advancements with having an extensive error checking built into their automatic gearboxes that you can easily make use of to check errors in the transmission and ultimately fix it.

Do note the gearbox of a Ford vehicle is the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the customer.

However, you can decide to fix your vehicle’s gearbox all on your own, it does not require any magic trick.

You do however need tools( like software and a cable) to have this done, you do not need years of experience working as an automobile repairer before you can do this.

You can reset the ford transmission by simply switching on the engine, putting the gearbox in neutral, putting it in park mode, starting up the car again, turning off the vehicle, and then you are ready to go.

How to Reset Ford Transmission

Resetting the ford transmission is quite easy, the transmission control module is used for interpreting all electrical signals gotten from other parts of the car.

The transmission system is a key component in your car’s transmission system.

You can consider resetting your car’s transmission system when your car shifts into another gear without you changing it when your car takes a lot of time to accelerate even if your foot is on the gas.

When you find it difficult to shift into gear when you are in neutral and your fuel tends to not last long in your vehicle.

Resetting the transmission control module can be done in a few minutes and it does not need any expertise to have it done.

The software plays a huge role in the transmission performance, the problems you may be encountering as a result of Bad transmission will be sorted out if you do a transmission adaption reset.

Listed below are some of the steps needed to reset your ford transmission control module.

  • Start by replacing the fluids, so your transmission can adapt to the newer fluid properties
  • Use the starter button to start up the car
  • Proceed to put your gearbox into the Neutral position
  • Turn off the ignition and wait for 20 seconds at least, put the car in park mode
  • Turn the car on but not fully on
  • Wait for additional 20 seconds, turn the car off, and quickly turn it back on
  • Put the gear on the Shine Setting(S)
  • The whole process is complete, you should be able to hear an alarm beep when the reset process is complete. Do you see? A piece of cake isn’t it?.

As you can see above, the whole process is quick and easy and needs no professional to have it done.

After the whole resetting, the next process is to relearn the Transmission control module by driving it. We will be discussing that shortly below.

How To Relearn Ford Transmission

After resetting the Transmission control module the next step is to relearn the transmission. This also, like the first step of resetting the transmission control module is not difficult.

You do not need to be an expert or need any form of tool to have it done.

To be able to relearn your ford transmission you will need to drive your vehicle at different speeds and allow your transmission to relearn your clutch thickness values and then learn how the gears need to shift.

To relearn, you will need to drive a long distance, although the transmission module can learn the relearning process in a couple of minutes.

There are two main ways required for the transmission module to relearn and they are:

  • The Neutral Position Learning
  • The Transmission Control Module Initial Learning

The neutral position learning process is performed only when you have installed a new transmission control module.

Step1: Apply the parking brake while simultaneously putting the transmission in Neutral.

Step2: install a scanner that will be able to detect the different positions the transmission gear is in and turn on your vehicle

Step 3: the installed scanner should pick the Neutral position for the transmission in step one, if it does not you will have to adjust the transmission module and try again

Step 4: If it shows neutral on the scanner, proceed to turn off the ignition after you must have moved the shifter to park

Step 5. Turn on the ignition and test for each shifter position to see if the scanner will pick them all up, the shifter positions are P, N, D, R, and L.

Step 6: Check for trouble codes, but if you see none then know your transmission relearning process is successful.

For the Transmission Control Module Initial Learning, you can start by getting the temperature of the transmission by starting the car’s engine.

With the engine idling, match the foot brake at 151-230°F and place the transmission on Neutral, after 3 seconds, place the shifter on D(drive), wait 3 seconds, and place the Shifter on R(Reverse) do all these until you are at L, after completing the circle you can put the shifter back to P.

The relearning process has been completed by the transmission.


Bad Transmission Control Module Symptoms

The transmission control module is a very important aspect when it comes to automobiles, it is used in choosing the ideal gear at a particular time.

What is a vehicle without its ability to be able to change gear?

Your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy can be compromised as a result of a bad transmission control module.

Some common bad transmission control module symptoms you should look out for include:

  • Incorrect or unintended shifting of gears, the transmission control module is responsible for sending shifting signals, but when faulty, it will start changing gears without warning and this is dangerous as it can lead to serious road accidents.
  • It will make it difficult for you to be able to change to a higher gear even when you are speeding along the road, making you have slow acceleration.
  • It will also be difficult for you to shift to a lower gear as well
  • It might also make you get stuck in one of the gears, it could be either neutral or your first gear, and no matter what you do, it won’t just budge, it can be frustrating
  • When your car engine light just pops on when you are having issues changing gears, look no further it is a transmission control module problem
  • It will make you have poor fuel economy, knowing that an actual working transmission control module makes it possible for you to optimize both timing and still have a great fuel economy.

Do any of the above sound familiar to you, if yes, you have a problem with a bad transmission control module on your hands.

Get the whole transmission module looked over by a professional and get it sorted out before you can resume driving so you don’t put your life and that of those around you in jeopardy.

Why Would You Reset Your Transmission?

You should reset your transmission so that it will provide you with the optimum engine performance of the car.

If you are having transmission issues like the car downshifting too early, hard to change gear, the car changing gears automatically, having poor fuel economy, or when your lights just turn on when you are having problems changing your gear, then you should 100% consider resetting your transmission.

When performing the reset drive your car like you normally do, as your transmission will just adapt to your regular style of driving.

Can You reset a Transmission Control Module?

Yes, you can but this all boils down to the type of vehicle you are using. Some vehicles have complex systems where you are not meant to disconnect power from the battery.

Disconnecting the power from these vehicles might lead to issues.

As they are designed in such a way that they need constant power from the battery.

Before you can commence resetting a transmission control module, research your vehicle, to find out if it is safe to have the power disconnected from it.

Since vehicles are different, your vehicle’s transmission control module might be quite different as well.

Consults manual documents that were written about how to change the transmission control module of your vehicle type.

To reset a transmission control module you will need a helper and multimeter, then:

  • Start by taking safety measures, and disconnect the ground/negative cable from the battery. This is done to prevent you from being shocked when working near the car’s computer.
  • Disconnect the positive cable from the battery, pull out or unplug the car transmission control.
  • Find out the signal control method whether or not your vehicle enters fail-safe mode when placed on neutral or park from any other selection position.
  • Connect your multimeter to the signal control and ground it, put your transmission into P or N if you are using manual.
  • If the transmitter reads anything less than 11 volts, put your vehicle in fail-safe mode.
  • Connect the battery in reverse order and leave it running for 15-20 seconds.
  • Disconnect the battery cables and then turn off the ignition key, after a while, restart the vehicle again, your car transmission control module should be reset as of now.

How Long Does It Take to Reset a Transmission Control Module?

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reset a transmission control module. After putting the car on, shift through the transmission gear at least two times. If it is a manual car, the shifting between the drive and reverse should occur at least three times.

If you have a bad transmission control module, you should either have it reprogrammed or replaced immediately. The reason for the failure of the transmission control module most time is a burnt circuit.

Disconnecting the battery does not set the transmission control module to its default settings. To reset the transmission control module you will need a transmission scan tool, to be able to scan and fix the problem.

There is no specific amount of time it will take to change a vehicle transmission control module.

How Do I Know if My Transmission Control Module Is Bad?

You will get to know that the transmission control module of your vehicle is bad when you start noticing any of the following symptoms.

  • Having problems shifting into different gears
  • Check the engine warning light, if the engine light is on and you notice any problems with shifting into gears when the engine light is on, then it is the result of a bad transmission control module
  • Having problems shifting into a higher gear is still a problem of a bad transmission control module
  • Have a problem with delayed shifting, the speed of your vehicle relies solely on the ability to shift into various gears at the appropriate time, but when this ability is hindered, it is the fault of the transmission control module

How Long Does It Take For A Transmission To Relearn?

It can take up to 90 days in total for the engine of a transmission computer to relearn all your driving habitats.

But for the short notice, it can take anywhere between 3 to 5 days before your car starts driving smoothly and feels like the transmission has been relearned.

The transmission software is always relearning non-stop. The transmission software will relearn continuously throughout the life of that transmission.

It will never get to a point where you can say it is already finished learning, it is its job to keep learning and additionally adapt to changes as the transition age.

The learning process all depends on your vehicle and some factors like how often you drive it. It is better to have the transmission relearn under the loads and conditions in which you are going to use it.

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