How To Reset Transmission Control Module Hyundai

You can reset the transmission control module Hyundai can be done by taking off the positives for 20 minutes. Having that done will reset everything in the car

Just like other types of vehicles, the Hyundai vehicle needs the shift adapts cleared and released before it can get a properly working transmission after a valve body replacement or an overhaul.

Some models of the Hyundai vehicle will have their transmission control module reset either by having the battery disconnected, connecting the positive and negative battery cable, or having the headlight turned on for at least 10minutes.

You can also consider using a Vpecker scan tool and make use of it to reset the transmission control module to the factory setting.

You can follow the procedures listed below to reset the TCM Hyundai.

Start by attaching a GDS, select VIN and A/T menu, select option treatment from the main screen, and turn the ignition key off for 10 seconds and your TCM is reset.

After resetting the next thing you should consider doing is to complete the adaptation learning procedure for your vehicle.

To relearn, you can attach a GDS, select VIN and A/T, select current data and throttle position, then drive the vehicle until the ATF temperature is within the acceptable range.

How To Reset Engine Control Module Hyundai?

One of the ways to reset the engine control module of a Hyundai is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes.

The most important functions of your vehicle are to store long-term data within its term memory.

The engine computers are always working continuously to learn about the way you drive your vehicle and it will help adjust the way other modules will perform.

You can also decide to reset it using the fuse box.

The fuse box is located on the passenger side close to the battery. Warm your vehicle properly, and unplug both fuses after you must have turned the vehicle back off.

Cut off the power by having the battery disconnected, this should help in resetting the engine control module.

While disconnecting the car’s battery for a longer period is the most common method of resetting a car’s ECU system, it is not the best way as it causes your car to lose memory.

This may not be ideal for you at some point as valuable information like the anti-theft system may end up locking you out of your car.

There are different and safer methods to reset your ECU than disconnecting the battery, some of the methods we have readily discussed above.

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Does Disconnecting The Battery Reset The ECU

On some older versions of the car, yes but on newer versions, it is unlikely that disconnecting the battery will do more than just reset the radio and clock preset.

Leaving the car without power for a significant amount of time, say 10-15 minutes will likely cause the ECU to reset. It will not cause any damage to your ECU but will only have some adverse effects like canceling preset radio stations, your car’s ideal fuel/air mixture, forgetting learned shift points, etc.

Disconnecting your car’s battery will change the functions of your car from the previous one to just another function. I.e it can cause the car to function differently.

Disconnecting your car’s battery for a long period to reset the ECU may cause the processor to forget everything it has ever learned.

Your car will not run like you are used to, the acceleration and shift may seem off in some kind of way, and you may feel your engine is running a little rough.

All of these are normal as it means, that your ECU is reset to the default settings it initially came with.

It has forgotten about all the learning it had and would have to relearn.

Before the ECU can even function properly, some cars will require you to use a scanner to input battery information, some of those vehicles are programmed to adjust to the battery’s charge rates.

What Does Resetting The ECU Do?

Resetting the ECU clears up all the long-term memories from the ECU memory.

When it is done, all the data will be in the default mode. The spark and fuel log will be closed, the speed will be neutral, and it will be as if you have never used the car.

And the car ECU has never learned.

Resetting the ECU will affect the idle speed, fuel efficiency, and storing trouble codes.

How Long Should I Leave My Battery Disconnect To Reset ECU?

Disconnecting the battery for at least 15minutes should be able to reset the ECU.

Having the battery disconnect will clear all DTC codes from your ECU.

How effective the battery removal procedure for resetting the ECU will depend on the vehicle and how it is designed.

Generally, speaking it takes only a few minutes to have it done but keep in mind that you are just resetting the adaptive learning and also the fuel strategy and not the whole ECU.

To reset the ECU wholly you will need a trip to the repairer or make use of a scanner or software.

Which Of The Battery Wire Should I Disconnect? (Negative or Positive?)

  • When disconnecting cables from a battery, the first wire you should disconnect is the negative (black) cable.
  • The negative cable is the ground wire and is connected to the body frame or a frame of metal.
  • When disconnected, it removes the dangers of being shocked or causing a fire hazard.
  • Once you locate the negative terminal, use a wench to free the nut that tightens the terminals so you can have it removed.
  • Lay the disconnected negative wire carefully on one side and ensure it is well away from the battery terminal.
  • After that, you can then proceed to disconnect the positive battery cable also.
  • To avoid any potential problems, it is best to disconnect both wires. When reconnecting them, you reconnect in a reverse order to disconnect ting them.
  • Reconnect the positive wire first before the negative.

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