Should I Replace All 4 Shocks at the Same Time?

How old are your shocks? If they’re more than 10 years old, it might be time to replace all four of them at the same time. You can find a lot of information online about when it’s time to replace shocks, and most sources seem to agree that 10 years is the magic number.

But what if you don’t want to spring for new shocks all at once? What if you just want to replace one or two? Is that going to mess up the ride quality on your car? Keep reading for some tips on how and when to replace shocks.

Should I Replace All 4 Shocks at the Same Time?

The correct answer is going to be different for every person. Without a close inspection of the vehicle and a full understanding of how it moves, for instances for any sort of unusual wear on the car’s springs, it’s hard to recommend that or not.

When deciding whether or not to replace all 4 shocks at once, there are several factors that need consideration.

Firstly, if the vehicle isn’t old enough yet then this may be a wise idea as early preventive maintenance would reduce the probability of needing shock replacement in future years as well as helping prevent spills from effects such as travel over rough roads because the suspension system would operate with greater efficiency.

Secondly, if one or more side-to-side wheel spin happens prompting damage.

Is it OK to Change Just One Shock Absorber?

It’s OK to change just one shock absorber. The most important thing is that the car is safe for you, your passengers, and pedestrians walking nearby, so have a professional do a safety inspection before you drive on public roads.

This question isn’t about cost effectiveness (since some people might not be able to afford fixing or replacing more than one shock absorber at once), its about finding out how safe it is to drive with only some of the original shocks. If the answer turns up “not very,” then they should seriously consider doing an entire system replacement instead of staying with less than all of the necessary components.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace all 4 Shocks?

It’s very common for shocks to cost $400-$500 per side. If you want a high quality, safe product for your vehicle, then go with OEM parts. This will ensure the best possible safety and performance for your transmission as well as any other machinery on board.

If you do not have access to automotive specialty stores nearby, then ordering online is also an option as many companies now offer online shipping as an option. In order to find out the cost of replacing each shock individually, visit a local auto dealership with knowledge of vehicle prices in your area.


We recommend replacing all four shocks at the same time to prevent damage. Replacing only one shock will cause uneven wear and tear on your suspension system which may lead to premature failure of other components, such as ball joints and bushings.

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